Plasma Cutter Status

I was wondering what the current status of the CNC Plasma table is?

@rustin.atkeisson I was down at the space today, wanting to use the CNC Plasma table & was surprised to see it sitting there about 1/4 full of rusty water.

I didn’t tell firing anything up & figured I’d ask here.

I have a project that requires a smaller kerf than my torch can accomplish.


From what I overheard its something about the limit switchs after zeroing being ignored by the setup and the software flipping coords. Might have misheard but I think thats what is happening.

The cnc plasma cutter does ‘work’… It’s a bit of use at your own risk right now, but we are working towards upgrading the setup a bit to be more reliable before teaching classes on it.

Also, there is currently a gauging tip on the machine. So you may have to grab your own piercing tip from Lamptons for $15.

I’ve got my own full set of consumables, so that’s not an issue.

I was just concerned at the state of the water table.

Let me know if you need an interested party to help with getting it up to snuff. I don’t know much about its setup, but would be nice to have it back up to par.

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