Plasma cutter cleaning

I am soliciting a few volunteers to help empty, clean and fill the plasma cutter table. Plus general cleaning of the area and surfaces. I should have taken pictures to do it justice, but you can look at the pics from one of the past rebuilds sorry for missing your rebuild in May. Plasma Cnc Clean up .

It will be weekend work for me. It is a bit much to do in an evening. I am shooting for the weekend of Oct 12-13. My working assumption is that the slats are fine, and can just be reassembled. Maybe the worst ones need to be flipped over.

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yeah… I think you missed when I cleaned it out a couple months back when I pulled out a few things that absolutely should not have been in the gunk…

The big white waste bucket needs to be dumped first before we go draining the table again.

I took a flap disc grinder and cleaned up the slats last time as well, but we need to make sure we get the chemicals in the water as soon as we replace the water this time…

Sorry, I missed your rebuild. That was the first post that popped up, and it has pictures with the level of gunk, and stuff for volunteers. I am going to check out the white barrel. See what the level of sediment is at. it should have setteled out by now, and i plan to reuse the clear water in the barrel that has chemicals already in it. then pump dirty water from table into barrel.

My main concern is the bubbling corroding mess in the table at the moment.

It’s definitely a full evening cleaning it out. I think it was last cleaned at the start of May.

Hi Tom, I would be up for the task on the 13th but have other commitments on the 12th. Please let me know if you’ll need my help.


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Oh yeah, double check with Josh and David, we should have fresh chemicals to dump in.

I should be back in town on the 13th and would love to help with this too ! we indeed do have the chemicals

I am planning to be down Sunday to clean the table.

Sunday 10/13 12-4 pm. If anyone would need it so slide either way let me know.