Plasma cutter air filter

For anyone interested the air filter was not changed on a regular basis. The manufacture of the air filter recommends to replace weekly. That is something we did not do. The persistent moisture in the filter has caused corrosion on the inside of the filter housing. The powder coating is flaking off and risking damage to a high dollar item (Plasma cutter). We have replaced the filter housing. I plan to try refinish the housing as a spare.

At $10-20 a pop per filter that is an unsuitable amount of cash for our needs. My plan after reading some post, videos on the internet an alternate the filters on a weekly basis to allow them to dry out until they are clogged. That should allow us to use them for months .

Our environment is very dusty, so i would like to make a housing with a cover to allow the unused rolls to dry, but keep the dust off of them, but allow the to dry out. I have designed an enclosure to housing the wet rolls and allow air flow.

It is a large print that exceeds my printer at home. It should print on the prusa at least on a 45 deg angel if needed. If not it can fit on the CR-10, but I think abs is out of the question. If someone happens to be at the space and can kick this print off that would help out.

Please speak up.

Unless Josh @heathenfire7 has a particular color in mind to be hanging on the wall next to the plasma cutter. Anything will work for me. I know we have had a lot of ABS donated I think that would work since it will not cost the space anything.

If not I will be down later in the week to star the print.

filter_lid.stl (2.7 MB)
filter_base.stl (1.6 MB)


It should all work. I did a test print small scale, but the lid had too many voids, so it did not come out. Here is the base and a test roll.

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sorry the test print did make it.

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One or the other please :stuck_out_tongue:

Could we paint the donated yellow abs? We should have some red spray paint leftover from the wheelchair repairs

I thought I said or intended to say ABS on the CR-10 would not work. I have see it work on the Prusa, and it works well on the Ultimaker, but I am not sure it will fit on either, but I was not very clear. :frowning:

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Ill give it a shot when i head back down there tomorrow

Cool, thanks. I hope my measurements are correct. crossed_fingers:

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