Planer down

Came in this morning (10/20) to use the planner and noticed it is leaving stripes. I don’t know if it just needs a set up or if a couple of the knives are damaged (Nails?) Not being trained in adjustment on this machine, I left a note on the feed table.

It sounds like the knives need rotating. I’ll get to it tomorrow, unless someone wants to earn their “hazardous materials authorization” by doing this chore for me. Any takers?

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Still leaving stripes this evening. Doug, I’d be interested in learning to fix it. Sunday afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00 is my next availability.

I’ll be tuning her up a bit tomorrow, given that I need to use it, myself. Maybe I’ll post a little video of what was done. Sorry to have kept people waiting.

Before I make the trip, is the planner up again?

Well, I’m no expert, but I just ran a piece of scrap through and it looks like it is still leaving stripes. Some of the inserts look like they need to be rotated or replaced. Seems like it should be pretty easy, but I’ve never done it.

@doug.wilson, did you do anything with it last week like you planned? Is there anything special someone needs to know in order to rotate or replace the inserts? Do we have extras if they are needed?

Correction: I tried the jointer, not the planer. Doug said he rotated the blades on the planer already. Someone had mentioned the jointer leaving stripes the other day, so I guess that was still on my brain. Doug said rotating the blades is easy enough for anyone to do it if the stripes bother them. :slight_smile:


Maybe we should do a class on the adjustments for the planner and jointer?

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What the heck? I JUST rotated all those knives. I was getting great results. I’ll check it out tomorrow.

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On the jointer or the planer?

Here’s a short video I made on just such a thing. The same strategy can be applied to the jointer knives.