Pipe fence corners

We have been slowly fencing our property. We put corner posts in last summer. I spent today installing the bracing. It was my first attempt at making saddle joints for welding. It took a while to get the fit right and then I ran out of daylight.


Probably fine but it looks like a pretty small generator and or pretty small welder. Are you getting sufficient penetration?


Probably not as much as it should, but it’s not structural. I am amateur. The welds don’t look great, but I have stress tested some sample pieces by grinding them back apart and/or whacking with a hammer because I had the same concern. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Also you are spot on about the generator. I was only able to tack weld on the generator. The first corner I built was relatively close to power. All the other corners will need portable power or a gas powered welder to build properly.