(Personal) Prusa Mini PTFE keeps slipping

Hi Friends,
I have a Prusa mini, and I’m running into an issue where the PTFE tube that runs from the extruder to the hot end keeps “slipping” / popping out of the extruder side. (I didn’t realize that this also controls the tension for the filament so when it does this, I get “mom’s spaghetti” and have to respool all the filament.

I’ve replace the “olive” inside to try to reseat the tube and finished 1 print, but it happened again.
I notice that there’s a slight notch in the PTFE tube from the clamping. If I were to cut that right behind that notch, would it grip better? and would it be okay to do?

Thanks in advance, all you wonderful people!

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Have you tried replacing the tube itself? I was reading that several people had reported issues with the PTFE tube being undersized (mainly too short) for the Mini+, and could also shrink with usage.

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I replaced the tubes on our mini, I mostly did it cuz I didn’t want to try to get a broken bit of ASA out of the middle of it, but I do think it improved things.


Sorry for not following up with y’all. I think it was a clog in the nozzle. (Which then put too much pressure at the back of the PTFE tube, and kept popping it out).

I’ve now done several cold pulls, replaced the tube, saw several old colors of filament come out during a different colored print, and things seem to be much better.

I think it’s most likely because I was lazy and didn’t put my filament that wasn’t in use in a dry box / bag, and it ended up clogging the nozzle.

Thank you for the advice!

Oh, and also, did anyone have to use fire to manipulate the PTFE tube to get it to go through the “olives” because I couldn’t for the life of me get it to happen any other way.

Fishy :fish:


I spent some time holding hotend parts of a mk3 over a heat gun this weekend…so yeah, fire is believable :grin:

Glad you got it fixed!

If you’re interested, watch the calendar for 3D Printer Group coming up on 1/10/24.


I really wish I could get this across to my father in law, he’s got the bags…