I put a couple items in the very top right side where we put the rejected kiln firing pieces, I forgot to leave a note up there yesterday saying not ready to glaze fire yet. I need to make sure the bottom is clean and put them on a tile with those little risers

@pwhutchi or @ScottS this will put a message in their email.

Michelle I fired two of them. I forgot to get the long flat one in. I cleaned up the bottom they were mostly clean. They are out of the kiln as well.

Thanks Devin

I was just glancing over my emails, and I see the subject PATRICK or SCOTT, then the start of a message from Devin, saying “I fired two of them.”

I was thinking, who does Devin think he is, firing Patrick and Scott? What did they do wrong?



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This also puts new meaning to the phrase “They are out of the kiln as well”.