Path to Longarm Authorization?

Hi all,

After joking around with my wife for a couple of years that I was going to get authorized on the longarm so I could quilt for her instead of shipping them out, it looks like we have a few baby quilts in the pipeline so now’s the time. Any suggestions to prepare me, or is it fine to come in relatively uneducated?


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@shack Here is something Rayna @RFisher told me when I was asking about getting authorized on the longarm: My first quilt - #15 by RFisher
I still haven’t done the authorization, so I really don’t know too much else about it.
The conversation from that point on talks a little more about what’s needed.

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There’s a SewDown tonight. A good time to drop by in person.

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I will be a little late to ight, but I will be there and we can talk.


I’d be very interested in this. I have several tops that need bottoms, and a few older quilts that just need requilting

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@Carlower1 I just saw this and want to check and see if you got the info you needed or got authorized?



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