Parallel port printer cable wanted

Fellow ERPers,

I have been doing extensive work on the blue mill in the back of the ERP for a few weeks now and am in the process of putting on the final touches on the electronics. Mike B helped me diagnose some funkiness that seems to be attributed to the parallel port cable that was bundled with the machine. Since all the cables that we have on the shelf had been cut in half, I’m looking for a cable donation. It’s a standard type parallel printer cable with a male DB-25 connector on one end, and a centronics connector on the other. If you bring a working one in, you will be bestowed with much praise and glory. Just reply to this thread indicating you will bring one in, and when you do, simply set it on top of the mill.

Mark S
Interim ERP area lead

Since I feel wires and connectors are some of the most useful components, I urge people to donate ones in good condition (with the exception of RJ-11 phone cables, RJ-45 network cables, TV coax cables).

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I believe I have one I can put my hands on as soon as I can get to my truck…I’ll let you know, but I absolutely have at least one still in the wrapper.


I can swing by your house and do your legwork (hurr) picking it from your truck saturday if that’s ok with you.


I mean get me into my truck, so I can go by my storage place. But you are welcome to help me do that if you like. My hurdle is 3 steps between here and my truck. And the whole “can I get into my truck?” thing. But you should come by to visit, either way. Might prove entertaining, at the very least.

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I guess I could use a good laugh!

6 foot cable in ERP blue mill (in the electronics compartment on back of the mill). Also brought 10 foot cable, but left in my locker. And if much longer one wanted there is the one that was with the vinyl cutter, Christian has it, not sure if it is available for re-purposing.

Mike B

Got it. Thanks Mike.

So it turns out the jitter I’ve been seeing wasn’t just because of the cable, but some misconfigured jumpers on the interface board not setting the buffers to tri-state when in standby. When active, it occasionally does it, but since I didn’t have it connected to a PC, I attributed it to noise entering the cable and the inputs left floating.

If anyone wants to do a fresh LinuxCNC install on the machine sitting underneath the mill, feel free to do so.

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To whomever brought the batch of cables in: Thanks!

-Mark S