Pallet wood

If anyone is interested in some pretty good quality pallet wood, let me know. I have a decent supply on hand from a recent scavenging run. I’ve ripped the pallets down already. They would need to be prepped a bit more but they are relatively fresh pieces of Heat Treated wood.
I can also provide a short list of locations that people can go to for themselves.

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always interested in pallet wood, namely oak, cherry and others.

The Garden Committee is interested in any and all you can provide. To be clear, this is heat-treated and not chemical treated wood, correct?



Pallets are a nice source of wood. Pallet wood and the equipment in any wood shop are a problem. From the Wood Shop Wiki Entry:

Most woods are allowed in the woodshop, but to protect machinery as well as to protect other members, only WELL INSPECTED reclaimed lumber free of sand, gravel, nails, screws, staples or finish will be allowed in the shop. Pressure treated lumber is hazardous and will NOT be allowed ANY time.

I would note that pallets built overseas, can be found with species that are common there. Paduk and some of the Rosewoods are common. Those also are on the list of woods that require extra authorization.

Pallet wood is usually very dry. Nails with heads can be extremely hard to pull or rusted and break off. Nails without heads are even more problematic. Working a piece of wood with nails on any powered tools and most hand tools will cause significant damage and perhaps require total replacement of the blade.

Check with the Woodshop Lead for more information.

Yeah, I only pick out heat-treated ones for my own use. I can give you information on a couple of local businesses that you can pick up as many as you want for free. They aren’t all brand new or in great shape but there are usually stacks of them to go through.

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Oh I know. I’ve already been through the Hazardous Wood course and know about the prep work involved.

I’ve been using pallet wood for projects long before I was a member. I don’t just grab any old pallet to use.

That would be great. Thank you!