Paging Dominic

Just checking on @dom . . . how is Cali?


Well, hello!

Ok, let’s see… I think the biggest problem is that there are just way too many people in Silicon Valley. Rent is super high, traffic is super dumb, local makerspace is too expensive, etc. Income inequality here is absolutely bananas. There is WAY too much money in this tiny little section of the country for it to have as many social challenges as it does.

Work is a bit chaotic right now while Intel is sort of re-inventing itself, and staring across the cubicle farm isn’t exactly inspirational. There has been exactly one interesting project so far.

I miss my wife, my friends, the cats, my house, the makerspace, and Wichita/Kansas in general. My dissertation is progressing, but very slowly. Most days after work I’m just spent, so it’s a bit of struggle.

It’s not crazy hot out here at least, I have some friends in the area, I’ve made new friends, and I’ve been able to travel a bit. The city is reasonably bike-friendly. With typical traffic, it takes me just as long to bike to work as it takes to drive. In fact, sometimes it’s faster for me to bike.

I’ve been doing my best to keep up with things in Wichita, and I hope you’re doing as well as you seem to be from here :slight_smile:


Ive read that before about the ridiculous income inequality in that area. There are even issues with public servants, from paramedics to government employees that are having to live way outside of the area they serve because wages and housing are so far separated from each other.

What’s crazy to me is the idea that companies are providing housing to employees. That’s insane to think companies could own and provide everything to their employees one day because free market economics broke down. Not to get too far into it, but if that were the case those companies would wield massive influence on so many of the capital decisions. Leaves the people with few options.

Glad to hear everything is going well for you dom!

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