Outdoor Pottery

Spring is on the way!!! I am curious if I would be allowed to take a pottery wheel or two out to the garden area randomly through the warmer months and do some outside pottery.
The wheels would need to be close to electricity, they would only be out there for a few hours or perhaps a day.
I would clean up the area after a pottery session. And there would be no damage to any garden area things.

This would be fun, passers- by could see and it may spark more interest for people to stop in and see what MAKEICT has to offer……
I believe other members of my department are also interested in this as a future activity.

Todays/this afternoon would be a cool trial run.

Ok for me to move forward and to this?


The blacktop area is perfect for this and is closest to the electrical outlet. Anyplace else will be far from electricity and an unstable surface. The blacktop should have plenty of space for it. When the heat becomes worse if it’s dry enough the grass between the blacktop and the building near the outlet should be ok. I believe it’s a great idea!


@Sherry .
Thanks… any chance, under the gazebo would be an option? Covered, out of the direct sun, it offers a bit of protection.

The patio furniture is easily moved and or covered. And much closer to the outlet.

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You’re more than welcome to use the gazebo(pavilion)! (if the pavilion becomes more popular we may need to use a reservation system, hasn’t been a problem so far)

I was under the impression that the plug in at the pavilion was powered via an extension cord to the south wall of the west wing, the outdoor outlet by metal shop. That may not be true, I’m not sure.

If the outlet is powered directly from the main building power supply, you’d be good to go.

If the outlet is powered via the extension cord to the outlet by metal shop, then you would want to check to make sure the extension cord and the outlet itself can handle whatever power draw the wheels have. I don’t know what the wheels use or what the extension cord is rated for. I imagine Joe would be the person to ask. Sometimes there are power drops via extension cords which can be a problem in certain circumstances. Not my area of expertise.

Have fun making!


That sounds like a wonderful idea. I know that in the old building, we did move a wheel out onto the sidewalk for a event. Since the wheels are not leaving the property, out in the common area would be fun.


@ScottS …
It was a big fun time for sure!!!
I think it would be cool to do randomly with a group as well as maybe have a kick wheel outside all season long if possible….?
Obviously if would need to be covered and protected from the elements… but a fun option for anyone to try
Come back in and hang out with us SOON!