Our Coins need a display

We purchased 2 coins from the national survey for the makerspace. I’d like some help creating a way to display them. I’m hoping to complete this by the members meeting on September 28th. I can get the files from the person who created them if needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


it could even be laser cut

One is round? The other Square?

Are you looking at a plaque type display. A shelf or countertop display? or something elseJ


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They are round I got 2 so we could display the front and back. I’d like to be able to display them on a wall, with other future awards and donor recognition.

What is the diameter? Can you bring them to Maker Monday and I will see what you think of an idea?

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Yes, I can. 1 29/32"

I saw you and thought I needed to talk to you but couldn’t remember why. It just struck me. I will be at the meeting tomorrow and I kept the coin in my purse.