Ortur Laser Master 2 Complete System (20W Diode laser)

ALMOST BRAND NEW (because of apartment rules, cannot make use of it).

Ortur Laser Master 2 (Fully assembled & low hour use) - 20W Diode Laser System / 400mmx430mm Work Area

Very customizable laser and huge following online – Youtube, Etsy, and Amazon; lots of internet support, user groups and videos online on projects, etc.; Multiple accessories can enhance even further, if desired, for example z-height lifter, rotary attachments, NEJE laser upgrades, 3d Printed accessories, etc.; considered a top diode laser & company of 2021/2022


  • All original documentation and accessories, including tools, samples and eyewear
  • Two extra sets of approved laser protective eyewear
  • One approved filtration protective mask (fumes)
  • Fume extractor fan (integrated with enclosure)
  • Air pump for air assist (could be used in aquarium or other settings)
  • King Gubby Designs Air Assist attachments
  • Endoscope (camera) for visualization & remote monitoring
  • Extra Silicone Tubing
  • Repeater USB Cables (Boost signal 32 ft without loss for distant laser machine monitoring)
  • Custom Enclosure with Plexiglass Hinged-Top
  • LED Illumination (inside enclosure)

$350 FIRM (all accessories & laser - paid well over $700)

Shows possibilities:
OLM2 - 20W Engraver (Detailed Review)


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$300 For everything above…Here are 2 more pictures…

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I know this is old. But is it still around?

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Yes - I still have it and it is in great shape. Not being used at this time. Let me know if you have interest. Thanks. Rick

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