Opossum skull casting

My new fwend
Aluminum cast opossum skull from lost play casting.
It came out ok but not really Happy with it. That has never stopped me from showing it off and making jokes with it. :rofl: He drowns out the voices in my head.


I like it. Its interesting at the very least. So many things i do the first time… i often toss my first try.
Learning curves.

Not so easy with some things like a burnout mold. Where you dont get a second chance to make an imprint cavity.

My intetest is a crazy twist… get better and better at making these “bones” as realistic as possible. Not to sell to museums [maybe you could if you got good at it. ]. But my weird purpose would then be to make giant versions. Not walk thru, but dinosaur size. Maybe incorporate into a parade float. Maybe do same with a horse skull… and incorporate a unicorn horn.

Do you know how many folks might pay noble scratch to be able to show off a reputed unicorn skull that really looked convincing? For their youtube channel background table. Smooth it and antique it for bigger sales opp. Maybe join the sasquatch hunter orgs to find out how much fantasy interest is out there.

I have more ideas than time. And presume yall are the same. Pay no attention to the man putting up transparent curtains

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“lost play casting?” where do you find this? would it be similar to a sandcasting? ive done lost wax before with investment molds.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: not play autocorrect probably struck. Lost pla casting.

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