Open Streets 2018

Hey Makers! A lot of you remember how busy we were last year for Open Streets. It was a really cool event where Douglas Street was closed off to cars and open only for pedestrian and bike traffic. Hundreds of people came through to see our makerspace. We would really like every area staffed with folks running events or demonstrations to show people what we’re all about. Let’s use this thread to brainstorm some ideas!

One thing is for sure we will have the art auction open for people to start bidding, we’ll have a Wichita Flag screenprint jam again (this time with pre-signup required), and the magic wheelchair project will be in work and on display! We need door monitors, tour-givers, area experts and, well, everybody!

It will be Sunday September 23 12pm-5pm

To volunteer sign up at

Read about open streets here:


We will be dyeing silk strips with tissue paper, like we did in Haysville a year ago last April. If anyone has a old microwave they would like to donate to use for processing the dye that would be appreciated.

I’ve got one you can have.

Awesome, @chris.locke, can you leave it in Textiles at your convenience?

Yup, I’ll drop it off tomorrow.

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Sorry, didn’t make it out Sunday. I dropped it off just a bit ago. it’s a black microwave, I set it on the salvation army tub.

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Is there any chance we have or could make a poster to display at the chili cookoff promoting Open Streets and inviting people to stop by for a tour? Since the cookoff is the day before it might help get people there.

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Hey makers - open streets is tomorrow!

Treat it like maker monday, bring in a thing you made and talk to people about us.

We could use more hands for tour help. Either from 11-1 for cleanup and the initial surge, 1-3, 3-5pm.

We’ll be screenprinting flags on shirts so bring dark clothes if you want a flag shirt, there are plenty of spots left :slight_smile: Sign up at