Open Lab Day, July 2nd

Hello all, just a very impromptu event for jewelry lab. I’ll be in the lab from 10am to at least Noon this Saturday, so I’m giving anyone the opportunity to come out and get a free orientation around the lab or ask for an on-the-spot silverworking class or even a cabbing authorization.

Silverworking will cost you $30 cash and cabbing authorizations $40 cash. If you BYOB silver or stones to work I’ll cut the cost in half. Can only do cash for these due to the freeform nature and it being hard to work it into WildApricot quickly.

@Events If you would be so kind as to put this on the calendar so everyone can get to see it.


Hey Sensei! I’m on my way!


Sorry about not getting that done timely. I had my Dad in town and didn’t monitor closely and then I put it on my calendar instead of the MakeICT one. Tell me if I need to make some classes.

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Thank you so much Sensei!!! Had a blast hang out with you!!!:fire:


It’s all good. As soon as Jon and Kim get back into town I’ll start planning a more official one with enough time for more people to jump in.