Ooh, Shiny!

Look what @MAtherton did with Jewelry Lab’s new lapidary cabbing machine!


That’s neater’n a duck on a junebug!


Snowflake obsidian. :blush: Haha, I keep thinking this particular cut looks like forbidden Gushers.


That’s pretty crazy looking. Do you just grind these down and polish them on that big grinding wheel thing?
Next time I come in I’ll check these out.


Yeah, its all done on the cabbing machine. It is super easy and cathartic to freehand a stone. Keep an eye out for the authorization classes if you’d like to give it a shot.


Just a question: If one took the authorization classfor the last Cabbing machine (granted it was a different machine and awhile ago), would one need to take a new authorization class?

Just catch me at some point on a maker monday or any time I’m there and I’ll go over the new features. Only a few things have changed vs the old machine so it will only take roughly 15min to get you up to speed. I’m planning on being at Make all of this Monday (9a-4p, back in at 8p).

If none of those times work I’m working on a quick guide for pre-authorized members that i can just e-mail out. Might have that ready by end of month.

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Awesome, thank you.

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Hey I’m actually signed up for 3 today. But I can make it to the 1pm class now. Would it be too much of an inconvenience for me to cancel the 3pm one now and go to the 1pm class?

Normally i would say yes, but based on some last minute things and that no one had signed up for that slot i booked a showing of a house. Sorry.

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No problem at all and no need for an apology. I’ll just plan on being there at 3. Thanks for getting back to me.

Not terribly shiny, but an example of what can be done when we get a trim saw to slab out stone.

Quartzite slab from Jay.


@MAtherton niced up some chrysoprase on the cabbing machine tonight!


Ok I’m taking a cabbing class. I’m convinced