Only actual modification: reinforced the seams of my towel

Greetings y’all!

My name is Chance Andrew and I am finally biting the bullet and introducing myself. I won’t bore you with too much history on why it’s taken me so long to consider getting involved. Let’s just say social anxiety, okay? Fantastic. I went to a screenprinting workshop around three-ish years ago but that’s about it.

I work in the construction/remodeling field. My buddy Gordon and I are Highlander Construction and we build things. Lots of things. Not all of the things but many things.

My background is originally more in the coding/design sector (formally worked in web development at KU) but those days are long past. I still love magic boxes but it’s far more satisfying to build things out of wood.

As of this exact moment I plan on showing my (more than above average) face on Monday evening. I know that becoming a member would help quench some of my curiosities and help our construction business be more innovative. There’s so much to learn! Beyond that it would be stellar to make friends and invest in the community.


Cool Chance!
We are glad to have you aboard.
There are plenty of folks at the space with varying forms of social anxiety… so you are not alone.
(Me. I am such an introvert, but no one would believe it… I pass pretty good :slight_smile: )
The community is one of the best parts of the space. I love it when people share…