Old laser down?

Hi I’m seeing a little green post it note on the old laser cutter covering the badge scanner saying out of alignment do not use. I’m guessing this for the laser? Not the badge scanner

Yeah, while I was doing some tests on it yesterday I found that the alignment was pretty far off. I then found that the first mirror mount was loose, and now the alignment is non-existent. I was planning on fixing it today but I probably won’t have time. I’ll work on it tomorrow evening if nobody else gets to it first. If anyone wants to help out and learn the joys of laser cutter mirror alignment let me know. It’s much easier with two people.

About what time?

Depends on when I can get help. I plan to be there approximately 4:00-8:00.

The red laser cutter is now back in alignment. Thanks @mr_baseball_25 for the help!

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Ugh sorry for the terrible timing. Got busy and didn’t check on this… Thanks for the fix.