Old Dog Needs A Home

There is an old Pit Bull that is friendly with other dogs and some cats. The owner suffered another stroke and is wheel chair bound and can no longer take care of the dog. He is such a good dog. He is a 13 year old fixed male. His favorite things are love and food. Is there anyone one out there who would be willing to give this old guy a good home for the last few years he has left. A shelter would traumatize him, he has been with the same person all his life as an indoor dog. I hope someone reading this is interested. I would take him but I have 2 pit bulls and a Shepard. I can only have 3 pets legally so I can’t keep him.


Did you find him a new home?

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Not yet. Me and a friend have been switching off taking turns keeping him. We couldn’t handle him being dumped off and abandoned after being someone’s human and loyal friend for 18 years. He doesn’t deserve to go out like that. He is an old friendly guy that wants love mostly. He is 18 not 13. If interested in giving him a loving home for the remainder of his life let me know.