Old Cell Phones

The grandfather of Logan Stewart (Logan is getting the EPIC wheelchair fire truck) is going on a mission trip to Haiti later this month, and has asked if anyone has any old cell phones they might wish to donate for him to take along. The only requirement is that they take a SIM card. He’ll be giving them away to needy folks in Haiti. If we can collect a few, I’ll be glad to run them down to him in Oklahoma in a week or so. If you have one you can donate, feel free to leave it near the blue collection box (to the right of the 3D printers), or put it in the mail slot at the front door. The accompanying charger would be helpful, but is not required. Thanks!

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I will share this on FB if we can wait till after Maker Monday to deliver them

His flight leaves on October 17.

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Excellent! I’ll dig around to see if we have any.

I plan to go to Haiti again in January. Last year we installed a playground at a school. If you ever get a chance to go, you should!

Like they’d let me into Haiti. They have standards, you know.