Old business server for grabs

I have been given my company’s old server which still works despite being fairly old for a computer. Unfortunately the admin password has been lost and it still needs to be wiped. If anyone wants it or any components from it let me know. I may work on bypassing the password but I really don’t have the time to put much effort into it. It’s running on windows small business server 2011.

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I’d definitely be interested in it if none of the Area Leads want it for something at the makerspace.

I don’t think anyone else wants it. I can bring it up to the space sometime in the next day or two and leave it for you.

Awesome, thank you!


I left it earlier today by the front entrance.

You rock, thanks!

@AnnaD, I want to thank you again for the machine. I wiped the drives and installed Windows 10 on it, and it is now happily chugging away as my new primary desktop machine. :desktop_computer:

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