I am currently figuring out how to remove an old grainery that is a wood structure. From my limited understanding, old wood like that used on old barns is often sought after. I have a deal for you! You can have as much as you want FREE of charge as long as you remove it and take it. I am not saying you must take the entire structure as I know some of the wood is not worth saving, but you would be responsible for the labor of the salvage work. The building is roughly 35-40ft square, sidewalls are around 10ft tall. The north wall blew over in high wind 3 weeks ago. That wood is really easy to get to and I can push the structure over to make the other wood safer to remove. I am overwhelmed with a house project that will limit my ability to give any assistance outside of a few minutes here or there. What wood isn’t salvaged will either be burned or as the roof will be taken to a landfill. I despise waste and would like this wood to be used rather than burned for heat or worst thrown away. If you have ANY interest, please respond, message, text, or call. I’m located NE of Wichita near 101st North and Greenwich.

Jeff Eck
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I would like to get some of it.

id be interested, but I don’t need much, just a unique looking board or bit of a beam.

I am interested. I sent a you a text.

I’m also interested and sent you a text yesterday.

I had a nice woman come out yesterday and start removing some of the wall that is laying on the ground. When she cut into the 2" thick wood it showed there was no rot in the wood outside of the 1/32 surface. The wood looks really good looking at it from the cut end. I have another person coming out in about an hour to see if they are interested and maybe salvaging some wood. There is a lot of wood here for anyone who is interested! If you texted me and I didn’t respond, check that you put my number in correctly, if you just copied and pasted change the letters to numbers. I’ve been told that if I put my number in a forum correctly it can lead to more junk calls so I change 1s to l, 0s to O… No clue if that is true or not…

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We would love to pick some up. We can take a truckload full. Could we come by on Saturday or Sunday? You mentioned the roof would go to a landfill - what is it made of? We might want some of that too.

The roof is pretty rotten. I think it is called slats when the roof isn’t decked solid and then it has asphalt shingles on top. I took some photos of the building this morning…

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OK, We’ll still take some wood off your hands. :slight_smile:

We still have a great deal of wood on hand. The down wall is 70% gone, but there is a lot of wood still available. If you have any interest at all, please reach out to me so that I can keep in contact with you so that I do not waste anything that anyone could make use of…