Officially a new member

I’m Mike Grommesh and just became a new member last Monday, May 13th. It was my second time to the Monday open house to get all the signatures I needed to get my badge/key. (Thanks Ken!). Had a great time meeting lots of members and had some interesting conversations. I’m very much into 3D Printing so looking forward to all those members who have Prusa printers. I’m wanting to learn more about the laser cutting machines, so this will be a new adventure for me. I’ve signed up for the Metal Shop safety class today at Noon so I can get familiar with all the different machines in the shop. This week, I’m hoping to attend both the Laser Cutting Basics and 3D Printing Basics classes. Looking forward to meeting lots of new people that I haven’t talked to yet.


Welcome to the forum and to makeict! There are lots of really knowledgeable people here if you have any questions about anything, and if you’re interested we have several committees that you can get involved with to help make the space even better. It’s usually pretty interesting the things you can be a part of and learn about in committees!

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Wecome Mike!

Thanks Erik!

Since I’m retired, I hope to get involved in the future after I get my feet wet with all that goes on with the club.

Hey Terry! Good to hear from you again. I’ll be sure to look you up when I’m at the club. I’m sure your programming experience comes in handy in the metal shop. Glad to hear you are in the club too!

I’ve been slacking a little bit, haven’t been at the shop since Sep but now that I’m back in Kansas I expect my visits there will be picking up.


Hi Mike! Welcome to Make it.
It’s a fun place to hang out and a great place to spend a few of those retirement hours :slight_smile:

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Stupid spell correcting … Of course I meant MakeICT instead of Make it :slight_smile: . . . Although I guess that works too.

I kind of figured that’s what you were talking about. No problem. And I do plan on spending a few retirement hours at the club.