Octoprint help

I am trying to setup a network of octoprint at home on 3 different printers i got each one to work individually but can run one while im running another i know it can be done but im a little lost on how
and body have any ideas ?

@Christian could probably give a better answer, but Iā€™d think that each Pi would need its own local IP address on your network, like 192.168.1.xxx and 192.168.1.xxy, etc.

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Are you trying to run multiple printer from the same (pi) instance of octoprint? Or are you just having problems getting multiple raspberry pis running in your home network? With each pi on a separate ip you can run as many as your would like.

After a cursory google search I found a couple tutorials. To run multiple printer from a single pi. With a basic Linux knowledge it is doable, but IMHO it does not seem worth it.

I have always ran a separate pi for each printer. It is not supported and seems like there is very little up side here. You are on your own from the octoprint community (unsupported feature). I would hate to have something unsupported crashing the pi/octoprint and take down multiple printers.

Sorry if I am coming across in a negative way. Good luck.

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sorry for confusion here is more info
I love octoprint it has been great but now I got an issue.

I have 3 printers I have installed their own rapsberry

Pi 4 on each of them.

I have set each one up with its own IP address and API code

I have created a shortcut to each in browser.

But when I try to run 2 or more printers,I open browser and it goes to the first one running and everytime I try to open a new window it refreshes to the first running printer.

It will not let me start a 2nd printer independently without manually transferring file which is not what I want.

i think i got it fixed i never changed my original printers ip address to from default octo print