Octoprint help server

I set up 2 new octoprint servers i am seeing them on the network/octoprint login page but I can not connect printer I get this error message: No more candidates to test, and no working port/baudrate combination detected. anyone experience this and know of a fix?

Octorprint is failing to connect to the printer. Is it connected via USB and powered on?

Ya I can see it when I log into ip address and the screen pops up but when I hit connect it goes right to disconnect and gives me that message

Do you have it manually configured or is it set to AUTO/AUTO?

Try a different usb cable

It is on auto the drop down arrow does not have any other option

Seems that it isn’t detecting the USB connection. Could be an issue with the cable or the port on the Pi or the port on the printer. If you have a cable that is confirmed to be working I would swap that in and try it. You could also try different ports on the Pi, but that’s less likely to be an issue. Have you connected to this printer via USB before?


I have connected it when I first set it up then it just stopped connecting

If you can swap the pi different printer you can rule out the pi and then will know if it’s the cable or printer maybe?

Hope you are well Frank, Happy New Year.