October 2018: James Conrad

Ceramics Featured Maker: James Conrad

Our second featured ceramicist is a regular in the studio. Known for his prolific production of pointed pieces, James has inspired curiosity and created conversation around making pieces that are unique for the purpose of just because. Keep an eye on his work, especially if you are looking for inspiration in glazing your pieces, as he has had an enormous amount of success with glaze combinations and decoration. Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you, he’s got plenty to say about art and the creative process.

~ About James ~

Joined MakeICT: January, 2018

Born: Grand Forks, North Dakota

Why Ceramics: James has always had an interest in art and ceramics. When the opportunity to take ceramics class came up in his sophomore year at Southeast High School he took it up. When asked why he says: “as cliche as it sounds, it just made sense.”

Biggest Ceramics Challenge: Figuring out how to use the wheel! It took a couple of months to really get it figured out.

What’s Next: To keep getting better and grow his skill with the wheel and his art.

Hobbies: Ceramics, make electronic music, digital art and drawing, abstract painting

If He Had One Wish: “To have my art around the world.”

Instagram: www.instagram.com/artistically_james

Please say howdy to James the next time you see him!


Seriously, your pieces are amazing. I bought one at the auction and it’s in a grouping on my dining room table! Do you sell them anywhere (other than the makeICT auction)?


Sorry, this is the first time I’ve ever made an account for the forum.
And thank you so much for the compliment.
It’s always a pleasure when someone enjoys my work!

And yes I do sell them to buyers or people who are interested in purchasing.
I’ve had a few people buy a few pieces to have as a set and are looking to purchase more in the future!

Currently I only have some of my work on my Instagram but I’m currently in the works of setting up a website and using a few other websites to sell my work.

If you have any questions feel free to email me or contact me on Instagram!