Oct 26 2023 class cancelled

Hi friends - my schedule changed and I have to cancel the 10/26 class laser authorization class.

I made a session on 10/24 (same week) and another on 11/2 (the next Thursday) to try and catch everybody.

@Events is there a way to find out who had signed up for 10/26 so they are properly notified and can change their registration? I canceled it in the event creator.

How did you cancel the 10/26 class? I don’t see it.

I hit the red trash can button in the event creator tool and it went away. Well… first I emailed events and asked how to do it but nobody replied and I figured that delete button wouldn’t be there if I wasn’t supposed to do that.

I’m a little nervous about whether or not it notified the people who are signed up though!

It did not. I teach the folks not to use the trash can unless they check first that there is no one signed up and that it hasn’t been very long since they put the class on the schedule. I think the intent is to eventually have something like that happen, but it is not there yet. Sigh. I am not sure if the names of the people signed up are recoverable…I will have to check with the treasurer.

I signed up and scheduled payment for the 26 Oct class. I can attend the 24 Oct class, but how do I make sure I don’t pay twice?

Awesome! I am so glad to know that. (It may be a booger trying to find the people who enrolled.) Can you send your information to treasurer@makeict.org stating that you paid for the class on the 26th and need to have that applied to the 24th? If you have troubles or don’t get a prompt response, contact me at @Events@makeict.org.

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awe crap sorry! I emailed events last thursday but I know everybody on there is super busy so by monday I thought it’d be better to take matters into my own hands. won’t do that again!

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Will do, thanks.