Notice of annual meeting

Email was sent out tonight, for reference:

Notice of Annual Meeting

To all members, volunteers, donors and supporters of MakeICT,

Our annual meeting is a yearly gathering to assemble, review activities of the past year, celebrate, discuss, and vote on the future directions of the organization.

This year’s meeting will be:
Sunday, June 17th 2018
Hyde Park Community Center (indoors)
201 S Greenwood, 67211
Save the date on Facebook:

We will be open for setup starting at 4pm. The meeting portion will start promptly at 5pm so please arrive early to set up and find a seat. There is no cost or registration, but we do have a form to share what you’re bringing to the potluck:

There are no procedural changes from last year’s annual meeting. Voting will be held electronically, so you do not have to be at the meeting to vote as long as you are a voting member in good standing in accordance with our bylaws. We are currently using SurveyMonkey to manage this process - it sends a unique URL to each email address, which helps us ensure that each member is only submitting one ballot. If you have opted-out of SurveyMonkey emails, you can opt-back-in:

MakeICT is governed by a board of directors. With the exception of the immediate past president, each position is up for election every year: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and four at-large directors. Any voting member can run for these positions or nominate another member. Self-nominations are accepted as well. If an incumbent president wins the following year’s election, there will be no position of immediate past president that year. Directors cannot be elected to more than 3 consecutive terms.

Nominations are open until Friday, June 15. Send your nominations to and refer to this thread for updates: 2018 Election - Call For Nominees!

Like last year, we will be using approval voting for the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, meaning you can vote for all candidates you approve of and the candidate with the most approvals wins. We will use ranked choice voting for the at-large positions, meaning that voters rank the candidates and the candidates with the highest preference will be elected. Only members in good standing can vote.

Questions for the board member candidates to answer are on our wiki. Each candidate will post his or her answers as a thread at where you can reply with follow-up questions before the election:

The agenda for the meeting will be finalized by Friday, June 15 and published here:

This page will also serve as a place for the minutes after the annual meeting.

As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I hope to see many of you at this year’s annual meeting.

Kim Burton
President, MakeICT

Would it be stupid if I brought my photo booth for pictures and super fun times.


Sounds like good idea to me.

It’s an awesome idea devin.

Heads up makers - I changed the agenda around a bit. In previous years, we’ve always brought our food in and set up, let the food get lukewarm for an hour or two while we did business stuff and listened to candidate speeches, then we ate.

Consensus last night was that we can change that up if we want to so I am going to try switching it around. Everyone bring their food and set up. Grab a plate of food and find a seat. Sit and chew quietly while we present the business of the organization.

Agenda has been updated:

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