New Member Orientation

We are happy to announce that we are ready to start our New Member Orientations. The first session has been scheduled for Saturday January 30. These sessions are intended for any member who has not been issued a badge yet. To attend this session you just need to meet the following requirements:

  • Membership profile completed and approved
  • Waiver Signed
  • Payments are all current
  • Have completed at least one Class (Authorization or General classes accepted)

For those of you who have gone through Maker Monday this month and have not signed up for a class or an authorization, there is still time to do that.

To sign up for this session, or any class, be sure to check out the calendar.

This new member class will only let members register, pls fix this.

That is correct, in order to attend the orientation, you must be an active member.

Looking at your profile, it appears that you are an active member, so you should have no problems. Did you sign in before trying to register? What are you seeing when you try to register?

Also make sure you sign in with the email that matches what you gave us :slight_smile:

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Im actually trying to help a new member named Bonnie navigate the system. So, only existing members get to go to new member orientation?

Correct, this session is only open to active paying members who recently joined and have taken at least one class, and are ready to get their key.

Is Maker Monday and new member orientation not the same thing? If not, does Maker Monday count as a class?

No, Maker Monday is a generic presentation and tour to give introductory information to the general public about who and what we are. The New Member Orientation dives into the roles and responsibilities of a member. It also is where you get your badge, so you can gain access to the building.

Okay, I should be good to go by the 30th. Thank you for the reply.

So we’re not doing 6 signatures anymore? Could someone explain our new process so when I receive questions from FB or Google Business I can communicate the process correctly to interested parties.

The current process is:

  • Attend Maker Monday (not required but HIGHLY recommended)
  • Fill out the waiver (if you didn’t attend Maker Monday)
  • Fill out your membership application (setting up your profile on
  • Membership application is approved by security and membership committee … you are now a member
  • Attend a class of any sort (authorization or regular class)
  • Sign up for New Member Orientation … you will get your key that day
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