New Lapidary Machine and Rock Saws now available

We now have a 6 wheel cabbing machine and two diamond saws so you can cut and polish a stone to the size and shape you want. Dean and I also have tested the torches and we are in need of filling one acetylene tank to get a total of two work tables set up with torches @Paula . I am looking forward to the opening of MakeICT and the new jewelry lab.


Keep in mind you will need to take an introductory safety course for the jewelry lab if you are interested. Who out there is interested in the Jewelry lab so I can acquaint myself with you?


I believe we have met, but I would like to know more about your area.


Hi, I’m Alex. I’m definitely interested in the jewelry making, although I’m not necessarily in a huge rush to get started or anything. We may have met once, when I was helping Rusty move stuff from the old location.


I would be interested in an introduction to the Jewelry Lab.


Yoohoo. I’m Melanie. I’m interested in the jewelry lab.

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I would love to get acquainted with it in its new configuration!

I would like to get an intro so I can work on some jewelry ideas I have.


Would those torches be suitable for working with glass rod? I have a couple of boxes of them - but have never worked with it. Was hoping to learn if anyone knows the basics - I can provide the glass.

How big are the glass rods? I learned glass fusing recently and the ones I got to use were able to be manipulated by just a candle flame.

Have another box - about the same amount. (Dollar to gauge size)

@cathyb Anyway I could talk ya out of some of the uranium yellow? All of those are very pretty though. Would be great for bead making, it’s not a skill set I have yet though.

I do know a guy that just bought several assorted rods a while back I can ask him if knows how to make beads.

I’m sure I could part with a few - or more - they could also be used to fuse onto glass…I’d have to do a bit of reading, but seem to remember bullseye as a type that fuses well.

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@cathyb Yeah, bullseye glass is a COE of 96 so it’s good for fusing. I have a kiln if like to dedicate to glass work, it does need some work, some of the brick needs patched but that’s about it.

Would annealing be possible with your kiln?

I don’t see why not, it’s a 3 tier pottery kiln. According to the instructor for a class I took recently for glass fusing the difference between working with glass and pottery is that for glass the temps are set to 1600 max where as temps for pottery are about double that…I just want it used for glass specifically due to catching wind that they don’t want the pottery kilns that are already there to be used for glass.

Looking forward to trying some new things

Merry Christmas: I have bead making experience, and would be willing when we get to that point. teach a class on bead making.
The basic needs are quite simple.
glass rod with a consistent COE Coefficient Of Expansion
Bead rod; steel piano wire
Bead release coating for the wire
A sheet of K-wool or, preferred,. an oven for annealing
and a torch. To test the torch head a glass rod to melting if it turns a muddy brown the torch won’t work.
My main torch is a Bunsen burner that is using Propane.

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I knew I left a dollar somewhere over there! Thanks for finding it! :lying_face: