New General Class Amateur Radio License Course

The next level Amateur Radio license course (General Class) is now available for registration.

Check the calendar - class starts September 7.

Here’s a link to the registration:


My teaching philosophy:

I try my best to teach to the “middle level” of the students. I do my best to feel the comfort level of the students.

That being said, I will do everything in my power to help those who need more explanation, to try to find another approach to the same topic.

I’ve been doing “adult education” for 48+ years. I pride myself on being able to get the message across to everyone in a class - even if it means taking extra time after “classroom hours”. I don’t want to bore students who are “getting it” with the extra help, so I’ll take the time to work with others outside class time. That’s the “value added” to taking a course with me vs. watching an on-line course on You-Tube.

I look forward to having people in our “General Class” course.