New Bar

We decided with the restaurant dining area closed due to covid to take the time and remodel the dining area put in a bar. All finished now but here are some of the pictures The Before

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First Wall Going up

And all Done

4 months, I did all of the construction work with the help of my Wife, and one of my employees.


Smart use of your time.

Where are you located? I’d like to support more local and less chain - especially during this pandemic!

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Nice job looks great!

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We would love to have you, we are located on maple at the west street intersection. 240 s west suite 70. Open daily from 11-8 and weekends until 10.

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Thank you!

Thanks much. Will check out your takeaway soon!

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I love your pizza and I’m elated to find out your a part of this community! I hope to belly up to that bar sometime soon.


I had pizza there this week - carry out that is and give it three thumbs up! Thanks!!

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Looks great!