New 3D printing guide

I just added a new guide on the wiki containing instructions for using different filament types on the Prusa 3D printers in FabLab. Anyone who uses the 3D printers - please read this guide! It will hopefully help clear up confusion about using different types of filament and help prevent future damage to the Prusas.

What may be new to most users: There are now two types of steel plate to choose from when printing. We’ve had so many people try to print with PETG and ABS recently with bad results, mainly because the default plate isn’t built to handle those filaments. If you’re using those filaments, switch out to the textured satin plate and follow the instructions in the guide to change the presets for that plate type.

I hope these extra options don’t create too much confusion and will lead to more successful printing. But mostly, we’re hoping to spend less time repairing and replacing parts on the Prusas.

If you have questions, please drop them here. As with any wiki page, please edit as you see fit.

And always remember to check your filament type before slicing!!!


Thanks for the new guide. I admit to feeling a bit lost when encountering the new plates. This is tremendously helpful.