Need help figuring out how to wire up an exhaust fan

I’ve mounted the exhaust fan in the first image but there are 3 electrical cables hanging out: yellow, black, and white.

In the second image are the instructions in the manual.

I have to admit I don’t know how to interpret most of what is in the diagrams, or at least I dont know what to buy at the hardware store to wire up how the instructions say or just wire up something I can plug into an outlet and get the exhaust fan turned on and working.

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Looks like you need wire nuts. No not david springs… lil screw thingies that look like a glue bottle cap. They will ask what gauge just say “wall wire” or snap a pic next to a banana for scale.

Wiring this into a house you may want an electrician. Wiring it into a plug the black (hot) goes on the right. The natural (but don’t lick it) goes on the left and the yellow/green goes on the bottom.

Wiring into your house is the same. Black to black, white to white… green to whatever.


Hey, I resemble that remark, and I’m getting tired of your insulation.

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wire nuts I got, I know that much at least. and what I just got at home depot is labeled as a tool replacement cord, does anyone know why I should not try to use that?

That’s what I would use!

and in fact I did use just that, and it worked perfectly. thank you very much for taking the time to reply as well as for the advice.

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Well post all your process and pictures to what are you making!


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