Need advice on approaching manufacturers/distributors

I’m hoping someone can give me some advice on how to contact manufacturers and distributors to ask for equipment donations or discounts. The parts that seem obvious enough to me are to introduce myself and who I’m representing (“MakeICT, a 501( c)(3) charitable organization that is operated entirely by volunteers.” or some such). Is there a department that one should ideally contact for these kinds of requests, such as marketing? Any tips on what I should include or omit in my e-mails (or phone calls?!).


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Get With LaDeana, Paul, Etc, they are working on these things currently.

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PR or marketing department are best. Some companies will work directly with you, others will direct you to their local distributor, other will flat out say no. I have a contact through Nation of Makers, I’ll ask him if there’s a list of likely contributors. I know I sat down next to the Dremels reo and he was very interested in how maker spaces were using their tools.

[](Grow your maker space by partnerships with manufacturers)

Thanks for the link.

Interesting mention of Dremel - as I believe the several sets and attachments that we have in the ERP were donated to us by them.

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Please update your wishlist for the area. Do you have a particular project or projects in mind?
Any projects that can benefit the community, STEM learning opportunities, benefit veterans, encourage diversity, and lifelong learning get bonus points.


I have a link to mine on Amazon on the Textile page.

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