Need access to a cleaning station

I’m refurbing the bandsaw shown below so I can use it. I’ll strip the paint off the body, and then I have a lot of cleanup work do to on the gunk everywhere else. Do we have a cleaning station (like they have at mechanics shop for degreasing) I could use to quickly get this cleaned up (and contain all the gunk afterwards)?

If not, does someone have one they’d be willing to let me come use for a couple of hours?

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I’ve often wondered if we needed a cleaning station in the metal shop. I had one in my print shop a while back (1991 or 1992), and at the time, it was $22 per month, with the station and solvent provided. I imagine it has gone up after almost 20 years, but we could check. @heathenfire79, how do you feel about the idea?


I could see this having some use in the metal shop however with the limited space we currently have, I do not feel it would fit or be used enough to justify a monthly expense to upkeep.

This is the first time since I have become the area lead that someone has asked for a cleaning station
That leads me to think the demand is low however, if enough people show interest I would defiantly look into getting one in the future after we upgrade makerspaces.


I know they’re more at home in an auto shop than a machine shop, so I agree the current demand is probably low. Here I’m jumping to a different topic (the future of our makerspace) but having a cleaning station might encourage small engine and automotive repair. Definitely a more space is needed kind of thing, but I’d certainly take advantage of it.


iirc we are not zoned for any automotive/engine repair plus there is other major things like EPA regulations that the makerspace would have to handle for us todo that. Maybe something in the far off future but nothing current

If the EPA gets involved, it is with the service company. Typically these companies bring a 55 gallon drum of solvent with a motorized pump and basin on top. Any solvent used drains back into the drum and the company comes and changes it with a fresh one each month. For a fee.

I have never checked on our zoning. The back half of our building was a Studebaker dealer/repair shop at one time, I’ve been told.

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