Need a bit of help :)

My name is Les, and I’m new(Just got my keycard today! WOOT)

Anyway, is there someone that would like to print off some things for me?(some parts for a pc I’m building) I have a super busy schedule and haven’t been able to attend the classes and just missed the one tomorrow :frowning:.

Or if someone is willing to do a private class so I can get authorized, that would be swell :grin:

I’m willing to compensate anyone for their time and effort with either currency or just the joy of being in my awesome presence!

Thanks in advance!

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Unless they are super secret I would post the model (stl) here. Let us know what you will be using them for decorative vs structural. That will determine things like surface finish/infill and material PLA/ABS/PETG.

The filament rate is $0.04 per gram. If you would also like to buy your own filament please send an email and we can go over things in detail.

I will be around the space some time this weekend. I am sure we can work things out.

Tom Bloom
Fab lab lead

Definitely not secret. It’s a fan support and cable shroud for and supplied by asus.

I’ll have to download and convert the stl’s again…I just got the pc up and running lol. I’ll be free after 4:30 tomorrow and wont be free until the evening on Sunday.(like really late lol)

Not sure when you’ll be there this weekend, or if my schedule will intersect yours, but if we could get together that would be awesome!

I’ll upload the stl’s shortly.

Also, thanks for the reply and the help!

I am planning to be down a the space sun from 1-4. I have laser maint scheduled for 2-3.


Sweet! I can be there at 1!

Thank you!