Name That Hall

With no objections, we as fundraising will post a post to FB to solicit hall names on Wednesday.
We will take the best 5 names for each hall then you can vote with your $$$ to choose the winner. the choices will be announced Dec 3rd at Founding Day. Final Naming Announcement date yet to be determined.

I think this is a great concept. We can display all of the Imagination shown by School Boards across Kansas naming schools by Compass Directions, or we can unleash our Maker Imaginations to name the Halls.

Would you want to work on a great looking ceramic creation on West Hall, or on Picadilly Lane! How about a taking a class on South Hall or on Learning Avenue at 5920.

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Here’s my copy for the FB post I scheduled it for 5:08PM tomorrow evening.

And founding Day event logo if no objections and event will be created tomorrow as well. Thanks to @kthutch for the background graphics.


Post is live submit your recomendations after 24 hours I will boost it.

Douglas and Mount Vernon

Merry and Pippin!

Sam and frodo…

Actually the east west hall should be named Baret… as in Jeanne Baret.

And the north south hall Bancroft … as in Anne Bancroft.

Baret and Bancroft… that’s got a nice ring. In the Booth Building…

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Telephone (Booth)
and Voting (Booth)
Or Diner (Booth)

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Arsenio and Monty.

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Hall O’Logg?

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We’re going to allow the public to vote with their $$$. So for every donation you make you can also select the names of the halls that dollar amount will go in the pot for that hall name the names with the most money will win.

Air capital hall
Ict International hall
Then we could make vinyl runway prints to make it look like a runway with HEADING numbers…thought it might be fun

Let us know when and how to cast our Contribution Vote!

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Some actual suggestions, all kidding aside:

Maker Way
Creator Boulevard

ERP Lab might be listed as “7 Maker Way”, and the classroom as “#1 Creator Blvd.”

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I posted on Facebook but I’ll post here too. Name the East/West hall after our first home Bluebird Art House and the North/South Hall Douglas for our current home. I’d also like to see an art mural around our mission statement at the intersection of the 2 halls. Hall way intersection