Mycelium molds

For those who don’t already know (for example me of 1 hour ago) Mycelium is a fungus which, when combined with a substrate and other magic, will grow then harden so you can make shapes such as packing materials, art, or even furniture.

Has anybody tried this? I’m curious to give it a shot and I’d love to do it “from scratch” rather than get a kit. Here are some links if people are curious:
bad directions:
some instructables:


P.S. I wasn’t sure the right category. I’m not making this yet just seeing if others had made or had interest so “what are you making” didn’t seem right. And we don’t have a category “Fungus Shop”


No but I am curious. Maybe I can help you and you can help me make kombucha leather.

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sounds like a plan. I just ordered a kit just so we have some initial luck.

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Sooo you can grow the size and shape you need?

Say I want to make mycelium belts. I can just make a mold for my mould and … Volia! no cuts no stitching just a perfectly shaped belt with holes built in…

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james. Doubtful, the shape might be possible to make but the other things seem to be rigid. maybe custom storm trooper armor.

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It’s edible right?

I guess everything is edible if you chew hard enough

Mycelium is essential for mushroom growth…
So a mushroom walks into a bar…
Bartender says get out of here we dont serve your types.
Which the mushroom replies,“Why not? I’m a fun-gi…” sorry couldnt resist



Reminds me of this drunk dude one night kept telling that joke over and over again. Except he was saying Russian.

So… checkit… you know zangeifff… like… RAWR spins in a circle knocking something over

A Russian walks into a bar…

Not edible since it grows on a substrate. All it’s really doing is binding the substrate to make the substrate stiff and hold shape. People use hay, wood chips and sawdust, or even coffee chaff (a byproduct from roasting coffee) for the substrate. I picked up a bunch of the coffee chaff today. Spice Merchant gave it to me for free. It’s trash for them.

You put the substrate/mycellium spore mix in a mold and stuff it somewhat tightly, not too tight so the mycellium can get air but not too loose so it can bind. Wait 6-12 days, remove from mold, cook to harden and kill the mycellium.

Oh and the hardest part is making sure everything is sterile so you don’t also grow mold in the mold. A moldy mold is garbage and can’t be fixed.

Now I’ve told you more than I know. :slight_smile:

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That looks fun. I’d also like to learn to make repairs to just about anything using Ramen noodles and superglue.

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I was JUST AT SPICE MERCHANT and I CAN’T AFFORD TO GO BACK till I get paid again. But that’s a hot tip!

What would be a thing that people can interact with that we could make with mycelium for Wichita makerfair?

Would used tea leaves would work?

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@Malissa I just read over the Instructable you linked and I’m totally up for it. Maybe we could have an initial mtg to discuss details (location, some unclear points to me in the directions, etc.) and buy whatever we need? When would be a good time for us to meet? Weekends are best for me. Some eves especially for an initial mtg. would work too.

Evenings 7 or later or Friday afternoon are best for me. Monday is Maker Monday and I will be there.

I didn’t make it last night, but I will be there this evening at 7and be back in the metal shop for about an hour.

Hey I think I just missed you on Monday. I showed up just before 8.

I’d like to go full DIY on this mycelium thing eventually but just to figure out what’s going on and get some initial success I bought a kit. It arrived today so I’m ready to rock and roll.

I also want to learn more about growing fabric.

How’s Sunday 1pm for an initial mtg?

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That’s usually family day. Let me see what the family says.

I will be there see you then

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