My raised beds

Garden leads and members:

Hello. Just wanted to let you know I still come by and deal with the two raised beds my husband and I rented for the season. Jesse is no longer a member but I am, and I would ask that my raised beds be left alone as I have giant loofah gourds hanging from the trellis that I intend to harvest when they are ready. I also would like to harvest many of the birdhouse gourds we planted in the community area when they are ready. I will attach a pic so you know which ones are mine. Thank you!


Also, one of Larry’s melons fell and I am placing it in his raised bed in the corner.

Of course! I don’t intend on clearing out the raised beds until winter.


Thank you!

The vining tunel is coming down soon and I am told the gourds are ready for harvest. Now is the time to get some if you want!


Thank you for letting me know. I came by and grabbed a few. I also picked quite a few from the vine, most were not ready but if you’re going to remove the vine tunnel, they’ll be coming down anyway. I set them on the wood beams underneath. There’s about 25-30 and many more on the vine I didn’t pick. I highly recommend any members taking them look up how to dry gourds that are picked green, as they can take a long time to dry and will rot without some rotating and checking.