My First KiCad PCB


Multi-Clock Board v 1.0

What is it, and what does it do?

I like to make clocks. In the past, I’d hand-wire a circuit on a perfboard, which worked fine, but didn’t look pretty and took a while. I decided to spend some overnights learning KiCad, so I could make a PCB to replace those hand-wired circuits.

why are you making it (optional)

To practice my KiCad skills, and to make a versatile PCB that will let me do a number of different kinds of clocks with the same board.

post some pictures, and/or build log that sucker RIGHT HERE!

update your post with it’s progress!

Once I’m sure it’s right, I’ll be uploading the Gerber files to to have a handful professionally produced.


Boards arrived today! I soldered up some headers, plugged everything in, and it works!

I’m still kind of blown away at how cheaply PCBs can be made nowadays. These ended up costing me about $1.75 each, shipped from Shenzen. The mind boggles.