Moving the ERP

The lab may be out of commission for awhile, for the move, how long depends on you.

Today they wax and polish the floors in our new home. So now is the time to move everything in our lab from here to there. Just like the old cheesy commercials… everything must go.

But it has to be packed first.

Please take some time from your cool projects to pack up some stuff and take it to booth.


If you get it packed, but cannot transport it; that would be great. There are enough trucks, and trailers ERP should move easily.

The floor finishing is starting today. We have 4 rooms to tackle. Paula put out a call for help, We have one set up with possibility for a 2nd one. @Hillbilly and myself have a lot of experience with the process. We can use a couple more people. It is not hard work, it has a process and timing. @Hillbilly and @David are getting stuff as this is written.

If equipment appears over there make sure it appears in the hall until they are done with the floor.

If you can help with the floor that would be awesome, but I don’t know if they an endless supply of floor buffers.

@james.a.seymour , I don’t remember if I talked to you about it last night, but I plan to start moving larger stuff out of the metal and wood shops on Saturday, weather permitting. If you have stuff ready to move then that needs to go on a trailer, I should be able to take it too.

That’s awesome I had planned to do some work packing tonight but I’ve come down with a nasty stomach bug and I don’t want to give it to anyone.

Well not anyone at MakeICT.

@whateg01 the wood and metal shops were going last. Let’s make sure we are not pushing their move before we’re ready. Let’s focus on areas that are ready. Please take a trip to Booth before loading any wood or metal shop items you will see moving those shops is premature. I would really encourage moving ERP, Textiles and Fab lab 1st! Have those areas been inventoried and packed? Please work with area leads.

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Paula, we discussed it last night and it’s more important to get it all moved in time than to worry about a specific order. The weather looks iffy coming up so as they say, make hay while the sun shines. Besides, if it runs longer than next week, availability of trucks, trailers, and equipment to move the machinery starts to become scarcer.

There’s a bunch of stuff going around right now. I had the flu a couple weeks ago. My gf and her son were sick a few days ago. Get well!