Moved here from Phoenix

I hope this is ok to post, I’m new not not yet a paying member. Apologies if introduction is meant for paying members only.

My name is Erica and I moved from Phoenix, AZ. I volunteered at the Mesa, AZ hackerspace Heatsync Labs for several years.
I’ve been out of the game for some time due to life stuff, but am so very eager to get back to my favorite community.
Gonna come up the next Maker Monday July 10. Looking to to become inspired and meet people in my community in my new city

Thanks so much :')


@5footerica Welcome Erica. I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting back into this community. Any particular areas of a makerspace you enjoy?


Hey Dan,
I’ve dabbled in a lot at HSL, from metal working, to HAM radio, a little bit of Arduino, fiber crafting, food hacking, etc. But to be honest, I haven’t had a project for a few years. At this time I’m looking to just become inspired and see what project I want to start.

Thank you!


Hi Erica, The forums are meant to be open for this reason. Glad to have you. Let us know how our space compares to the one you used to be apart of. There is plenty to do and good people to meet here. Lots of ways to volunteer also if you have the time.


Awesome! We love new people. Come join us. Pick a project. Inspire us! :slight_smile: