Mostly Printed CnC

I need to refocus. I’ve started a MPCNC

Its a CnC that is about as cheap to build as you can get and uses a pretty simple design. It was originally designed to used different types of electrical conduit as the rails in order to keep things cheap and make the plan accessible to everyone worldwide using 3 standard conduit sizes. For this build I opted for some stainless steel I picked up cheaply at The Yard.

I’m planning on a usable 2’x2’ cutting area to mainly use with wood, corian, and aluminum (and perhaps UHMW if I ever get around to starting a beetleweight combat robot"

I spent aaaages printing the components in black and gold and have it halfway assembled, but of course its sat like that for a couple months in my craft room now. I need to build a table for it so I can finish the mechanical bits and start wiring it up. My configuration will include dual endstops to automatically square the x and y axis and allow for easier zero points when doing multi cut projects.


So cool!!

Lowrider2 CNC in the works here.

I have a bunch of parts printed for the MPCNC, and yes, it takes “aaaages!”

Where did you wind up getting the tubing? I just got my tubing a few days ago from Grainger… $9 a foot.

I’ll be working on the electronics shortly, we should compare notes!

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I shot you a message yesterday with some info, but I picked up the 1" SS at The Yard really cheap. I think it was $2/lb or something like that. All in I got enough for a 2x2 MPCNC and a 4’ wide lowrider for $40.

I’ve never put anything like this together before so it might be nice to bounce some stuff of you when I get to the electronics stage. I was planning on following the guide to the T and crossing my fingers, but I know I’ll end up adding modifications after I start to use it and know what I need.


I went to the yard, but they only carried thin walled SS pipe. A few places I drove to in Park City wanted $17/ff. The Lowrider specifically calls for thicker pipe due to the 5’ gantry.

Did you pick up the hardware yet? Nuts, bolts, bearings? If not we can pool our purchase and maybe get a cheaper price from Grainger.

And yes, lets definitely work together on electronics.

We should meet up at MakeICT and compare our BOMs!


Yeah I purchased the kit from Ryan which included everything but the 3D printed components and router. It was easier than sourcing it all myself and I wanted to support Ryan for providing the design, site, and support.

What was the turn-around time for from placing order to receiving?

I got it 4 days I think.