More Filament

It looks like we are getting pretty low on certain colors of 3D printer filament, and with the Christmas making season upon us, I plan to place an order in the next day or two. If you have any requests, please let me know.


Metallic or pearly ones in various colors, perhaps? The pink-ish one that I’ve seen in the prusa is pretty neat and would be cool in other colors, too!

Metallic or pearly ones are abrasive and I recommend against them, unless we upgrade our nozzles from the cheap brass ones we currently use.

I don’t know if they’re specifically called that, I just mean various colors like the one that has been in the prusa the past week or so. Maybe once we get into the new space we can look at changing the nozzles out?

I delivered a number of new rolls of filament today, so we are fairly well stocked on the basic colors that are used the most. I also got a set of 3 1/2kg rolls that are shiny metallic colors in gold, silver, and copper. I would think they might be particularly nice for some Christmas decorations. If you try them, let us know if they work well for future consideration.


Hey everyone. Just wanted you to know that I do have an order for more 3D printer filament placed, but it is back ordered a couple weeks. We still have some but it is getting a bit thin for certain colors.

In related news, we have quite a collection of empty filament spools under the 3D printer table. If anyone wants them for anything, feel free to take them. I’ve seen a few creative uses for them, perhaps someone can come up with something new. I don’t plan to take them along when we move, so any extras will be tossed at that time.