Monthly Ceramics Meeting is today at 6pm

We will keep it short and sweet & share some treats. (feel free to bring something if you like)

Give me your input on spending priorities and let us know any ideas you have for the department.

We can talk class requests.

Get your ceramics authorization after the meeting if you don’t have it yet.


I’m new to all this? Is this tonight. I would like to come by and use the pottery studio, is Monday evenings a group time. I do not have my key yet so hope when I come by tonight I can get in.



Sorry, this is an old post ceramics department meeting is on the first Sunday of the month. Tonight’s ceramics Tuesday is a time you can get your ceramics otherization and also work on projects.

I spend a fair amount of time in the space and live close by. If you are looking to do some more ceramics on any or all evenings before you get your key feel free to text me. Russ 3 1 6 * 9 9 o ~ 3 6 5 6


What time tonight is the authorization, Do I need to register? I will be there tonight, Thanks for the extra info and your number that is so nice of you