Monday Morning

A couple of people are attempting Coil Pots this Monday the 28th around 9am in the ceramics room. This isn’t a class. If anyone is interested in trying, come on in. Clay is for sale if you don’t have any.


Thanks for helping me with my first coil pot! I’m excited for all the possibilities I can imagine now!


You’re so very welcome. I enjoyed helping you. I found a lot of joy watching your excitement and all the possibilities and creative ideas you got while working on your coil pot. You’re going to have a cool fruit bowl when your done.


Brain, you might need to roll a few thin coils by hand when you start smoothing out the inside of your coil pot, then again the inside coil texture might look good as is. Then you only need to do some type of texture on the outside. I came in and finished mine today. I went with a sun moon and star theme.