Monday July 9 - MakeICT Logo Print Jam

Hey Makers - looking over the class survey we had a request for a printshop “MakeICT swag” sort of event. Well that is SUPER easy because I know the printshop lead, so I was like man why don’t we just throw something together on a Maker Monday? So it’s happening:

Monday July 9

Bring in your shirts, bags, hoodies, dresses, clown pants, tote bags, bandanas, whatever you want and we will screenprint a MakeICT logo on it. Need some new swag to wear at MakerFaire? Getting your back to school wardrobe in gear? Here’s your chance! No signup required, just bring clothes.

And as a bonus for reading this forum post, you can VOTE on what color ink we’ll use! Let’s just choose between black or white for this first one, if we do this again we can go crazy and switch.

What color ink should we use?

  • I want to bring dark clothes to print with WHITE ink
  • I want to bring light clothes to print with BLACK ink

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Is this a free event? Seems we could be using these things to generate funds.

Well, you’re basically going to use this shirt to advertise us so it feels weird to charge for it. I could say $5 for non-members but I doubt many non-members want a MakeICT shirt.

Maybe we could do “donations accepted”? What would you put in?

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Let’s just put out a donation box with a nice sign somewhere that each person in line goes right by it before they get to the screen printing station.


I printed nearly 600 bags with $18 worth of ink and 2 reusable screens. Asking for donations will generate a lot more money than getting paid cost.

Looks like this event will be white ink. Get your swag ready!

Does matter what the fabric is? Cotton, polyester?

We’ll try anything. We’ve definitely printed on polyester and that’s fine. If it’s really ribbed or textured or thin it can get weird but if the design turns out bad, you can just wash it off before set drying it and have your same old thing back :slight_smile:


If we can’t make it tonight will the screen be available for a few days?